We create IT since 2001!
Our Internet agency is the author of many well-known know-how! For example, we developed the well-known business automation software "SKIF: Warehouse and Finance", and in 2005 we created the "sensational" online advertising format ClickUnder, which for many years attracted the largest volumes of advertising web traffic in Runet!

Since 2001, we have created several well-known web projects. We provide the widest range of services, both in the field of digital marketing and in the development of complex web projects (including social networks). At the moment, perhaps, we are the only company with a representative office in Europe, which is not just an advertising agency, but also a developer of horizontally scalable social networks!

Since 2019, the interests of the IA "Digital Marketing" and the Qwerty Networks company in Russia are represented by Social Networks LLC, TIN 9729280747
Unique offers
Development of chat bots for business and artificial intelligence systems.

Our company provides unique services for creating chat bots and artificial intelligence systems. Any instant messengers: Telegram, Viber, Facebook messenger, as well as business chats installed on sites.