We will help you to create your own industry portal or social network, which will be the most functional and popular among competitors!
Our company provides unique services for creating full-scale industry web portals and international social networks. We are the exclusive representatives of Qwerty Networks and have the exclusive right to introduce international projects, both specialized and universal web portals.

We develop not simple sites, but the most real horizontal scalable and high-loaded portals!

The company Qwerty Networks implements projects based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine - a software and hardware complex for creating social networks and portals.
Based on the Qwerty Social Network Engine, many well-known international projects, as well as specialized portals are implemented. For example, the well-known international blog platform Qwerty.blog (a competitor to LiveJournal), which operates in 47 languages and daily registers hundreds of new bloggers, the first social network for animal owners, veterinarians, breeders and clubs VetWorld.net, a social network for owners websites, international dating service and other projects. We have launched dozens of major portals, as well as social networks around the world.

Contact us and we will tell about all the projects in more detail!
Our company is probably the only one in the Russian and CIS markets that offers commercial deployment of truly true social networks based on powerful scalable solutions, projects that are able to stand multi-million traffic and have almost unlimited development potential.
The possibilities are almost unlimited and depend on the specifics of the project. Here are some of them:
Multicurrency and billing
Internal billing system based on internal (virtual) or national currency. Control of invoice payments, convenient integration mechanisms, flexible project monetization options.
Accounts protection systems against unauthorized access or hacking, logging of all operations, flexible access settings, anti-virus scanning of published content, intelligent pre-moderation.
Automatically monitoring all services, system duplication and recovery in case of emergency situations, protection and proxying. System of aggressive caching, flexible scaling and load management.
Users retention
Intellectual mechanisms for engaging users in "network life", notifications, invitations, reputation management, participation in communities, and encouraging authors.
Multilingual features
Support for more than 40 languages, correction tools, automatic translation of publications, an multilingual system based on artificial intelligence. We blur the borders between users speaking different languages!
Other benefits
Any opportunities inherent in well-known projects, as well as SMM automation, integration with other systems, cloud storage, unlimited development potential!
If your project is interesting, we will offer you a joint (50/50) launch. In this case, we will not only significantly reduce the cost of work, but also assume the costs of servers infrastructure and technical support for the web portal!
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